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Burgum, S. (2015) "Money in Education, Violence in Occupation: Some Reflections on the 'Sit-in Senate'" Warwick Sociology Journal, 1 (4)

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Book Reviews

Burgum, S. (2015) "Riots and Political Protest: Notes from the Post-Political Present" Antipode Online

Burgum, S. (2014) "The Lost Spirit of Capitalism: Disbelief and Discredit: Vol III by Bernard Stiegler" The Sociological Review 62; 4; 918-920

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Burgum, S. (2013) "The Dark Side of Modernity" Information, Communication and Society 17 (7) 913-914

Journal Blogs

Burgum, S. (2015) "Campus Politics, Student Societies and Social Media" The Sociological Review Blog

Burgum, S. & A.N.Onymous (2014) "Samuel Burgum and A.N.Onymous on Ranciere & Occupy" Theory, Culture & Society Blog

Conference Papers

"Conspiracy Theory whilst Occupying London" APT 2015 symposium: dialogues and work in progress, Warwick, May 2015

"Occupying London: Post-Politics or Politics Proper?" 3rd BSA Early Career Theorists Symposium, Goldsmiths, May 2015

"Occupy in Space: Making Nonsense Appear" BSA Annual Conference, Glasgow Caledonian University, April 2015

"Big Brother for People with Degrees or Interpassivity in Contemporary Activism" XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology, Yokohama Japan, July 2014

"Occupy London & Post-Politics" BSA Regional Event: Youth Activism and Resistance, University of Leicester, June 2014

"Occupy London & Post-Politics" pre-conference PG Workshop, 21st International Critical Theory Conference, Charles University Prague, May 2014

"The Branding of the Left: Between Spectacle and Popularity in an Era of Cynciism" Departmental Seminar, University of Liverpool, May 2014

"Making Sense: The Politics of Representation and Methodology" Access and Opportunity in the Social Sciences, University of York, April 2014

"Occupy London: Post-Politics vs. Politics Proper" 19th Alternative Futures and Political Protest Conference, Manchester Met University, April 2014

"Research on Occupy London" Departmental Seminar, University of Lisbon, March 2014

"Occupy London: Post-Politics vs. Politics Proper" Social and Political Critique in the Age of Austerity, University of Keele, February 2014

"Resistance in Advertising, Or the Problem of Interpassivity" Advertising and Consumer Culture, University of York, May 2013

"Interpassivity in Contemporary Activism" The Contemporary Other, University of York, April 2013

"The Incorporation of Anti-Capitalism into the Music Industry" Public Perceptions of the Social Sciences in an Era of Unrest, University of York, April 2012

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