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Teresa Staniewicz


Tel: 44(0)24 765 75291
Fax: 44(0)24 765 23497

-Room R2.34 (Ramphal)


A main part of Teresa's role [2005-2013] was as Project Manager of the UK National Focal Point [UK NFP] for the EU Fundamental Rights Agency [FRA]. This is a statutory body serving the EU, EC and European Parliament, and its main function is to collate data and conduct research informing European policy on all matters associated with fundamental rights. FRA reports feed directly into high-level European policy debates and research networks. Teresa is currently engaged in a number of projects with colleagues across the University.

Teresa is also the Centre Manager for CRED [Centre for Rights, Equality and Diversity]. She manages CRED's off and on-campus outreach and wider participation initiatives. She provides support to students currently still in school, as well as those new to higher education in a via a range of, in striving to maximise their potential regardless of the challenges they may face.


Teresa's areas of interest and specialities are broadly: the intersectionality of health, ethnicity (and cultural maintenance); mental health and wellbeing in migrant groups (the somatisation of illness); identity construction in white minority ethnic communities (such as the Roma); forced migration; the formation of demographic datasets of 'hidden' minority communities. Plus:

  • 'Race' and Ethnicity discourses, but also looking at 'white' ethnic minority groups (greatly under-theorised); and, in relation to matters of health and illness in such groups, developing a conceptual framework to accommodate the global nature of migration;
  • the historically changing nature of migratory flows from Poland, and the impact on the country of origin, especially post EU accession.;
  • Citizenship rights, the legal protection of post-Accession migrants, and analysing the restrictions to free movement of such in civil societies across the EU;
  • Examining social network strategies of Roma, and their continued societal discriminalisation and marginalisationThe social (& health) costs to asylum seekers and refugees resulting from government policies (such as their criminalisation).

Her doctoral thesis comprised, for a PhD was a seminal work on Polonian communities. A large-scale empirically based project [with over 200 respondents] that was comparative in nature, requiring that part of the fieldwork be undertaken in the USA. This was accomplished with the help of the University of Michigan's Sociology Department, with the support of Professor David Williams. The doctoral thesis was a study of ethnicity and health amongst 1st and 2nd generation Poles in the UK and the USA, by examining the level of ethnicity (cultural) maintenance in a white - assumed assimilated - minority ethnic group, and the impact of such maintenance on the respondents' personal health and well-being over time.

Research Projects

'Emerging Situational Experiences of Polish Migrants in Coventry (and its environs) in the Public Sphere.' This project examines the effectiveness of 'cohesion' policy on A8 migrants, by looking at how well they are able to integrate into their new UK neighbourhoods. [This was the pilot for the next study, extended to fieldwork in Dublin [IE] and London [UK]. It runs from 2006-2008.

'A Critical Evaluation of Factors Inhibiting A8 Polish Migrants' Full Participation in Civil Society.' This is a CRED funded project which looks at the situational experiences of Polish migrants (females & males) and any exclusionary processes that deny citizens equal treatment and fundamental human rights. The final report on all 3 sites is expected in early 2009.

'Barriers faced by community groups in accessing advice and other services in Coventry'. An EHRC [Equalities and Human Rights Commission] funded project. Commissioned by the Coventry Law Centre to undertake a survey of marginalised and disenfranchised new groups in Coventry on the multiple barriers respectively faced. Final report, March 2009. [£75,000]

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Selected Publications

  • Staniewicz, T. & Van Hout, MC. (2013) The Lost Road: Traveller Housing In Contemporary Ireland, And Its Interplay With Cultural Erosion And Health; in, Ireland: Economic, Political and Social Issues. Nova Science Publishers, New York. ISBN: 978-1-62257-929-7
  • Staniewicz, T. (2012) The Hidden Social Costs: Maintaining a Sub-Cultural Ethnic Identity. Lambert Academic Publishing LAP: Germany
  • Staniewicz, T A (2011) 'Negotiating Space and Contesting Boundaries: The case of Polish Roma and Polish migrants. Migration and Adaptation as viewed via a Social Capital lens.' Przeglad Polonijny Studia Migracyjne (Special British issue), Polish Academy of Arts Sciences
  • Van Hout, M-C, Staniewicz, T A, (2011) 'Roma and Irish Traveller health Disparity ? A public health concern' Critical Public Health

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