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Theoretical Ideas in Sociology 2006-7: Assessed Essay List II


1.      Discuss the role played by language in social life.

2.     ‘Every sociological theory depends at some point on the use of metaphor’.  Discuss.

3.     ‘The study of face-to-face interaction can never be reconciled with the study of large-scale social processes’.  Discuss. 

4.     What are the implications of Goffman’s work for our understanding of the self?

5.     If, as Weber says, science cannot tell us what to do and how to live, what can it do?

6.     What is distinctive about Elias’ conception of sociology and how does he deploy it in his empirical historical work? 

7.     What is the distinction between discipline and punishment and why is it important?

8.     What are the main difficulties confronting sociology in its efforts to explain social phenomena? 

9.     A title agreed with me.