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Roger Fernandez-Urbano

About me

I am a Social Policy PhD student in the Sociology Department at the University of Warwick.

I graduated in Economics (2011) at the University of Barcelona (where I spent an academic year at the University of Lund, Sweden). I also gained a Master in Economics of Public Policy (Specialized Economic Analysis) from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (2013). Also, I am currently an Associate Lecturer at the International Law & Economy Department at the University of Barcelona. My job position includes lecturing on European Integration and following a master's degree in university teaching methodologies. Last but not least, I am a Research Assistant at the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment at the University of Oxford.

My research

My thesis is titled: "Employment opportunities and the promotion of Well-being: a European comparative analysis". My supervisors are Professor Noel Whiteside and Professor Nicholas Gane.

Abstract of my thesis

Recent research on the economics of happiness focuses on the individual as the unit of analysis and ignores socio-political contexts within which individuals are located. My project develops an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on work in sociology, psychology and social policy as well as economics, to examine how policy affects happiness by promoting equal opportunity for employment as a source of well-being. Empirically, the project focuses on public placement agencies in two contrasting European cities (Odense and Barcelona): their role in promoting social integration and the development of latent capabilities – primarily using ideas developed by Amartya Sen and in Seligman’s PERMA wellbeing theory.

My research interests are:

Social Policy, Well-being, Economic Sociology, Happiness, Public Policy, European Labour Market Policies, Economic Policy and Political Philosophy.

Roger Fernandez-Urbano PhD

Roger Fernandez Urbano

E-mail:R dot Fernandez-Urbano at warwick dot ac dot uk & roger dot fernandez at barcelonagse dot eu