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Recent and forthcoming publications


  • (forthcoming) Rogowski Ralf, Robert Salais and Noel Whiteside (eds., to be published in January 2012). Transforming European Employment Policy: labour market transitions and the promotion of capability, Edward Elgar.
  • Pemberton, H., P. Thane and N. Whiteside (eds., 2006). Britain's Pension Crisis: history and policy, British Academy / Oxford University Press.
  • Gordon L. and Noel Whiteside (eds., 2003). Pension Security in the 21st Century: redrawing the public-private divide. Oxford University Press.


  • (forthcoming) ‘Creating public value’ in J. Bennington and M. Moore (eds.), Public Value. Palgrave.
  • L'assurance sociale en Grande Bretagne 1900–1950’ in Michel Dreyfus (ed.) Les assurances sociales en Europe (Presse universitaires de Rennes, 2009), pp. 127–58.
    English language version: Social insurance in Britain 1900–1950: frameworks of the welfare state. [download in PDF ]
  • La proteccion social en Gran Bretana ... el caso del seguro sanitario’ in S. Castillo (coord.) La Prevision Social en la Historia (Siglio, 2009), pp. 519–53
    English language version: Social protection in Britain 1900–1950 and welfare state development: the case of health insurance. [ download in PDF ]
  • Constructing unemployment: Britain and France in historical perspective’ in T. Riis and M. Hansen (eds.) Poverty: its degrees, its causes and its relief (Solivegus - Verlag, Kiel, 2008), pp. 103–27.
  • Estado y relaciones de trabajo en Gran Bretana. Un estudio de caso - el trabajo portuario’ in S. Castilo et al. Estados y relaciones de trabajo en la Europa del siglio XX, (Ediciones Cinca, 2007), pp. 187–213.
  • Syndicalismes et l'Etat Social’ (with M. Dreyfus, P. Pasture and E. Nijhof) in M. Pigenet, J.-P. Robert et P. Pasture (dirs.) L'Apogee des syndicalismes en Europe occidentale: 1960–85 (Publications de la Sorbonne, Paris, 2006), pp. 81–109.
  • Private Pensions and Public Policy: the Public-Private Divide Reappraised’ in G. L. Clark, A. Munnell and M. Orzag (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Pensions and Retirement Income (OUP, 2006), pp. 684–702. [ download in PDF ]
  • Conventions, Institutions and Frameworks for Welfare Policy Comparisons: an analysis of pension development in France and Britain since the Second World War’ in J.-C. Barbier and M.-T. Letablier (dirs) Politiques Sociales: enjeux epistemologiques et methodologiques des comparaisons internationales (Laing, Brussels, autumn 2005), pp. 211–229. [ download in DOC ]
  • ‘Security and the working life’ in R. Salais and R. Villeneuve (eds.), Towards a European Politics of Capabilities, (Cambridge University Press, 2004).
  • ‘Chomage et inaptitude en Grande Bretagne de la fin du XIXe siecle aux annees trente’ in C. Omnes et S. Bruno (dirs), Les mains inutiles: inaptitude au travail et emploi en Europe, (Editions Belin, Paris, 2004), pp. 224–48.
  • ‘L’Angleterre: la naissance d’une logique assurantielle’ in D. Assayag, F. Guedj et P. Toucas-Truyen (dirs), La sante en Europe: entre marche et solidarite, (L’Editions de l’Atelier, Paris, 2003), pp. 43–47.
  • (a) ‘Introduction’ (with Gordon Clark)
    (b) ‘Historical perspectives and the politics of pension reform’
    in G.L. Clark and N. Whiteside (eds.) Pension Security in the 21st Century (OUP, 2003), pp. 1–21 & 21–42.
  • ‘Accounting and Accountability: an historical case study of a public-private partnership’ in R. Rhodes (ed.) Transforming British Government vol. 2 (Macmillan, 2000), pp. 167–82.
  • ‘From full employment to flexibility: Britain and France, 1960-2000 in Bo Strath (ed.) After Full Employment: European discourses on work and flexibility (Peter Laing, Brussels, 2000) pp. 107–135.


  • (in preparation) ‘Reforming labour markets: Germany and Britain compared’.
  • (in preparation) ‘Capability, public services and social welfare’.
  • Casey, Bernard and Noel Whiteside (2011). `One Sex Doesn't Fit All', Parliamentary Brief, Oct 2011: 12–13. [ download in PDF ]
  • Casey, Bernard and Noel Whiteside (2011). `Untangling the pensions web we’ve woven', Parliamentary Brief, Apr 2011. [ download in PDF ]
  • Whiteside, Noel (2011). `How will tomorrow's survivor's survive?', Parliamentary Brief, 12 Febr 2011. [ download in DOC ]
  • Gascoigne, Steven and Noel Whiteside. ‘The promotion of capabilities in Sweden: a case study of the contraction of the shipbuilding industry in Gothenburg’, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 29, 11/12: 587–99.
  • Whiteside, Noel (2007). ‘Unemployment Revisited in Comparative Perspective: labour market policy in Strasbourg and Liverpool, 1890-1914’, International Review of Social History, 52 (2007): 35–56. [ weblink to article ]
  • Whiteside, Noel (2006). ‘Adapting private pensions to public purposes: historical perspectives on the politics of reform’, Journal of European Social Policy, 16, 1, (2006), pp. 43–54. [ download in PDF ]
  • Whiteside, Noel (2004). ‘Historical methods for comparing pension policies’, Cross National Research Papers: European Cross National Research and Policy, 7th series, ‘The Impact of Methodological Approaches to the Study of Welfare’, 2004: 21–30. [ download article ]
  • Whiteside, Noel (2003). ‘Une comparaison des systemes de protection sociale en Allemagne, en France et en Grande Bretagne’, Histoire et Societes, 6, 2003: 22–41.
  • Whiteside, Noel (2003). ‘In search of security: earnings-related pensions in Britain and Europe’, History and Policy, 2003. [ weblink to article ]
  • Whiteside, Noel (2003). ‘William Beveridge desde una perspectiva historica: una reinterpretacion del Informe Beveridge’ Sociologica del Trabajo, nueva epoca, num. 48, primavera de 2003: 87–110.


  • Casey, Bernard and Noel Whiteside (2011). Promoting personal saving (Report by University of Warwick commissioned by Zurich Financial Services, January 2011). [ download in PDF ]