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Ros Williams

From week 4 of this term, Ros will be available by appointment instead of via office hours. Please email to organise a meeting.

Ros’ research is currently focused on the intersection of race/ethnicity and biomedical science. Her work has focused on the UK context of umbilical cord blood banking, and the governance structure of policy making in reference to this. Her PhD focused on the ‘archival practices’ of contemporary public-use tissue banking, and the transitory nature of standardisation.

She is particularly engaged at a theoretical level with the philosophy of writers such as Warwick Anderson, Peter Sloterdijk and Jacques Derrida, and is currently thinking around the area of the immunitary paradigm, and the immune system as metaphor.

She is currently organising an International one-day workshop called Arguing with Justice.

Ros studied for her PhD at the University of York at the Science and Technology Studies Unit (SATSU) based with the Department of Sociology there. She is involved in the executive committee for the UK’s Science and Technology Studies (STS) organisation, UK-AsSIST and is working towards fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Brown, N., & Williams, R. (2015). Cord blood banking–bio-objects on the borderlands between community and immunity. Life Sciences, Society and Policy, 11(1), 1-18.

Williams, R. (2015). Cords of collaboration: interests and ethnicity in the UK's public stem cell inventory. New Genetics and Society, 34(3), 319-337.


Ros teaches on or convenes the following undergraduate and postgraduate modules

She is also the Department’s careers link, working with the University to provide networking and training opportunities to all Warwick Sociology UG and PG students.

Manuscripts in Preparation

Williams, R. (under review) "Understanding Race in Public Stem Cell Provision", Science as Culture

Williams, R. (in preparation) "Bloody infrastructures!: temporality and order in stem cell banking"

Book Reviews

(forthcoming). review 'The Social Life of DNA: Race, Reparations, and Reconciliation After the Genome' by Alondra Nelson, 2016, Ethnic and Racial Studies [online first]

(2015). review ‘The Material Gene: Gender, Race, and Heredity after the Human Genome Project’ by Kelly Happe, 2013, Sociology of Health and Illness 37(5)

(2015). review ‘Biopolitics: A Reader’ by Tim Campbell and Adam Sitze (2011), Political Studies Review 13(2)

(2014). review ‘Race Decoded: The Genomic Fight for Social Justice’ by Catherine Bliss, 2012, Sociology 48(2)

(2014). review ‘Immunitas: The Protection and Negation of Life’ by Roberto Esposito, 2011, Political Studies Review 12(2)

Selected Conference Papers

(2016). "Bloody infrastructures!: Locating temporality in the public umbilical cord blood collection", Spaces of Evidence workshop, 17th May, University of Exeter. Invited paper

(2016). "Race and value in the UK's stem cell inventory", BSA Annual Conference, 8th April, University of Aston.

(2015). "Black Cells Sell?: Rarity and UK Stem Cells", Raced Markets Political Economy Workshop, 10th Dec., University of York.

(2015). “Blood in the Archive: Anticipatory logics of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking”, AHRC Diagnosing Legal Temporalities Workshop, 15th April, University of Kent. Invited paper

(2014). “Exclusion and the Archive: What’s so “Public” About Donation?”, European Commission Cooperation in Science and Technology Conference, 2nd Dec., Brussels, Belgium

(2014). “Bionetworking and co-labour in the UK's Public Stem Cell Inventory”, Centre for Bionetworking Conference, 12th Nov., University of Sussex. Invited paper

(2014). “Cords of Collaboration: Platforms and Rhetorics in the UK's Public Stem Cell Inventory”, BSA Medical Sociology Conference, 10th Sept., University of Aston

(2014). “Cords of Collaboration: Aims and Claims in the Governance Structure of the British Cord Blood Bioeconomy”, ISA Quadrennial Congress, 19th July, Yokohama, Japan

(2012). “Political and Economic Tensions of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking”, European Commission Cooperation in Science and Technology Conference, 2nd Dec., Madrid, Spain