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Assessed Essays

Critically evaluate one of the monographs listed below in respect of the following three issues and their inter-relationship:

- research design;

- epistemology;

- power and ethics in the research process.

You should focus on the methodology chapter(s) of the monograph in particular but also draw examples to evidence your argument from the wider text.

Frankenberg, Ruth (1993) White Women, Race Matters: The Social Construction of Whiteness, London: Routledge

Blackshaw, Tony (2003) Leisure Life: Myth, Masculinity and Modernity, London: Routledge

Shostak, Marjorie (1990) Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman, London: Earthscan

Skeggs, Beverley (1997) Formations of Class and Gender, London: Sage

Stacey, Jackie (1994) Stargazing: Hollywood Cinema and Female Spectatorship, London: Routledge

Length: Essays should be 5000 words in length. The total word count must be provided at the end.

Deadline: Various, according to your MA course. Please check the Postgraduate Handbook and if you are in any doubt consult your MA convenor.

Submission: Two copies of your essay must be submitted to and signed in with the Postgraduate Secretary, with a completed postgraduate cover sheet attached.

Presentation: Please use the guidelines provided in the Postgraduate Handbook. Essays should be in word-processed format if at all possible.

Caroline Wright and Christina Hughes

26 January 2004