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Spring Term Lecture Handouts

To print Powerpoint Handouts with space to write: Open the file, Select Print, select to print Notes Page OR 3 Slides per page (depending on version of Powerpoint you may need to select Handouts AND set Slides per Page to 3). Printing Notes Page gives most room to write.


Week 11: Gender, Colonialism and Nationalism in India

Week 12: Gender, Feminism and Post-colonial Nation-building in India

Week 13: Gender and Religious Fundamentalism

Religious Fundamentalism Images

Week 14: Gender, Religion and the State in Iran

Iran Images

Week 15: Multiple Meanings: Islamic Women and the 'Veil'

'Veil' Images

Week 17: Women, the Nationalist Struggle and the Irish Free State

Ireland 1 Images

Week 18: Gender and Modernisation in the Irish Republic

Ireland 2 Images

Week 19: Gender and Global Capitalism: World market factories

Week 20: Women Working Worldwide: Taking on global capital