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Assessed Essay Questions

Please select one question from the list below. It’s essential to write to the precise essay title, not the general theme. I’m happy to discuss your essay with you during my office hours before the end of this term – please make an appointment. However I would ask that you come along with a one or two page essay plan, sketching out your approach to the question, the key arguments to be included and the material that you’re intending to draw on. It will not be possible for me to look at draft essays.

It’s vital that your essay draws on material from the module. Using additional literature that you may find is not compulsory but may enhance your essay, if it is used well. However, it must not be substituted for the materials on the reading list.

  1. What have you learned about gender, ‘race’ and nationalism from paying attention to patterns of migration and the experiences of migrants?
  2. ‘It is not possible to understand the dynamics of gender and contemporary migration without a historical account of capitalism, colonialism and imperialism’. Discuss.
  3. Are Irish women migrants in Britain ‘doubly invisible’ or ‘hypervisible’?
  4. What do the concepts of ‘borderlands’ and ‘diaspora space’ offer to our understanding of gendered migrant identities?
  5. ‘Processes of rural-urban migration may lead to the weakening or decomposing of existing forms of male bias; but they may also lead to the intensification of existing forms, or the re-composition of new forms’. Discuss.
  6. Evaluate the gender sensitivity of UN, state and NGO policies concerned with ‘mass distress’ population movement. How might further gender sensitivity be achieved?
  7. Evaluate the view that European immigration policies are a racist exercise reinforcing patriarchal power.
  8. ‘Discourses of migration tell us more about global power relations than they do about the realities of migrant lives’. Discuss with reference EITHER to migrant sex workers OR to female asylum seekers.
  9. ‘Women’s migration is all about economic modernization and new opportunities; politics and power don’t come into it.’ Discuss with reference EITHER to domestic workers OR to ‘mail-order’ brides.

Length: 5,000 words

Due Date: Monday 12 January 2004

Caroline Wright

27 October 2003