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Student Presentations: Schedule and Guidance Notes

Mon 3 November Urbanization and Gender Shruti and Arifur
Mon 10 November Mass Distress Migration & Refugees Emma and Marie
Mon 17 November Fortress Europe Jane and Jordana
Mon 24 November Sex Workers Dominique and Julia
Mon 1 December Maids and Brides Dilek and Mehreen

Guidance Notes

Presentations should last approximately 30 minutes, and you may benefit from having a ‘dry run’ to time yourself. You will be working in pairs and will probably decide to share the job of presenting your output between you. It is a good idea to meet at least twice to plan your presentation, and to work together as much as possible. The preparation of handouts should be considered to facilitate the presentation and I am happy to arrange their reproduction as long as they are e-mailed to me first thing on the Monday morning (or before).

The presentation needs to cover the seminar questions for your week, but it need not be limited to them. To provide the basis from which to work you should do all the core reading for the relevant week and at least two items of additional reading – do ask me if you’d like guidance. It’s important to think about the structure of your presentation, including how much you provide by way of relevant definitions, context, examples, and to include a clear statement that directly answers the question. Your job is in part to cut through the detail to derive more general, abstract conclusions, but some detailed examples work well by way of exemplifying your argument. Try to make sure that the three or four most important points that you want to make are privileged to the audience, rather than lost in a sea of detail. The skills that you rely on and develop here are directly transferable to essay writing!

I will be stressing the need for the audience to actively engage with the presentation, making notes but also thinking about questions and points for clarification afterwards. You might like to set particular tasks for your audience at the end, to stimulate the discussion (and the time for these is extra to the 30 minutes). Feel free to engage with the materials on the basis of personal experience where appropriate. And remember that differences in the presentations are to be expected and are very healthy – there is no perfect blue-print against which to match yourself!

Any questions, just ask.

Caroline Wright

20 October 2003