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ePortfolio of Min Young Song


I am a PhD candidate in Sociology. Before joining Warwick in 2019, I studied at Seoul National University and Stanford University for my BA and MA in Sociology. Also, I worked for the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs (KIHASA) as a researcher in the Department of Population Policy Research and the Department of Research Planning and Coordination.

Research Interests

My PhD research revolves around gender, work and inequality. It addresses why and how the gender revolution triggered by women’s educational achievement is being stalled in the labour market. In particular, it pays attention to skill regimes as a possible mechanism that produces gender disparities in the knowledge-based economy.

This research idea evolved from my previous work about family and population, the welfare state, and the labour market. Specifically, I looked at changing family values and gender roles, policy responses to new social risks, and institutional mechanism combining labour market status with social welfare benefits.


Song, Min Young. 2016. “South Korean Women’s Marriage Behaviors and Attitudes, and Its Policy Implications.” Health and Welfare Policy Forum 2016 June (Vol. 236): 68-80. (In Korean)

Song, Min Young. 2016. “A Comparison of Work-Family Life Balance Policies in 33 Countries: With Special Reference to Maternal Employment Rates and Total Fertility Rates.” Health and Welfare Policy Forum 2016 September (Vol. 239): 115-130. (In Korean)

Song, Min Young & Lee, Sophia Seung-yoon. 2019. “Are Female Part-time Workers Dualized in South Korea? – Institutional Structures and Employment Conditions of South Korean Female Part-time Jobs.” In Heidi Nicolaisen, Hanne C. Kavli and Ragnhild Steen Jensen (Eds.), Dualization of Part-Time Work – The New Normal?. Bristol: The Policy Press, University of Bristol.

Conference Presentations

Song, Min Young. 2020. “Gender disparities among South Korean professionals in transition to the knowledge-based economy.” Paper presented at the 32th annual conference of Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (D: Professions and Professionals in a Globalizing World, D-03 - Race, Ethnicity and Gender in the Professions). Online. July 18, 2020.

Song, Min Young. 2020. “Who takes the benefits?: the effects of work-life balance policies on South Korean mothers’ employment in the dual labor market.” Paper presented at the 115th annual meeting of the American Sociological Association. (Families Section Refereed Roundtable 13: Work-Family Policies), Online. August 10, 2020.

Photo of Min Young Song