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The Case 2019 - Part 2

Part two of the Case Challenge 2018 is now available to download here. (PDF Document)

Your second challenge: enable digital adoption and engagement.

Building on part one of this challenge, we would like you to Design and recommend an innovative approach or framework that enables digital adoption and increases digital engagement for ONE of the technologies outlined in the case pack using insights from both healthcare and other industries. Please see below for more details about how to indicate your preferences as to which technology you are assigned.

Part 3 - Media Pack will be released on Friday.

Choosing your technology

As part of this second challenge, you will be allocated a given technology for your Saturday presentation based upon the criteria outlined below. Further information is provided on pages 1-3 in Part 2 of the case pack above, and your preference form can be downloaded from the link below.

<a target="You can download an editable PDF form with which to indicate your preferences here; (PDF Document)

Please ensure your completed form is submitted to no later than 12:00 noon this Friday 24th May. You will be notified as to which technology your team has been allocated by the end of the same day.