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The Case 2019 - Part 3

Developing a winning solution

You have now been assigned the digital technology for which you will be designing and recommending an innovative approach or framework to enable digital adoption and increase digital engagement. To win this tough competition, your team is going to have to come up with something special. Something that hasn't been done before!

To help your team on it's way, we've created a rich set of multimedia resources packed with insights that cover the practicalities of developing a great solution. We've interviewed senior leaders from GE Healthcare, GE Healthcare Partners, and Warwick Business School, footage of which is all available below to help you!

Part 3 of Case Challenge 2019 is available to download here. 

Applying design thinking to your challenge:

Professor Pietro Micheli, Professor of Business Performance and Innovation, WBS

Marie Bachoc, Design Thinking Program Manager, EMEA & ANZ, GE Healthcare.

Insights from WBS:

Dr Panos Constantinides, Associate Professor, Information Systems & Management Group, Organising Healthcare Research Network, WBS

Insights from GE Healthcare:

Marc Barlow, Head of Care Area Marketing, Global Marketing Organisation at GE Healthcare

We hope this helps with your preparation and that your assigned ambassador has been in touch with you to answer any of your logistical questions. We look forward to welcoming you on 21st June to Warwick Business School!