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1. Do team members need to have a healthcare background?
No, a healthcare background is not required. However, a general understanding of the industry would be beneficial.

2. What is the format of the team presentation?
Each team will be allotted 20 minutes in total for its presentation and Q&A.

3. Who is eligible to participate?
Eligible participants must be currently enrolled in a graduate/post-graduate program at a business school. Teams must have 6 students, no more and no less, including a minimum of 3 MBA students; other 3 team members may be from any discipline.

4. Where will the event take place?
The challenge will be held at the Warwick Business School (WBS), University of Warwick. The address is "Gibbet Hill Road, University of Warwick, Coventry CV47AL."

5. Who pays for team expenses?
Teams are responsible for their own expenses and accommodation costs, however meals on Friday (dinner) and Saturday (lunch and dinner) will be provided.

6. Can you recommend hotels in the area?
WBS will assist all teams with booking accommodation near to the event venue. Please specify any specific dietary or accommodation requirements on the application form.

7. Which is the closest airport to WBS?
Birmingham airport is located at close proximity, with good frequency of trains to Coventry and cab facilities to WBS. There is also the National Express service from London airport to Coventry.

8. How many teams will compete at WBS?
We will be selecting the top 12 teams from the applications received.

9. Are meals provided?
Dinner on Friday and Saturday (lunch and dinner) would be provided during the competition.

10. How do I report food allergies/restrictions to WBS?
Please state this on the application form or send us an email to after your team has been shortlisted. 

11. Will printing services be available?


12. Is Internet available?

WiFi internet is available.

13. My team has questions about the case (after it is released). How do we get these questions answered?
Information about the case will be released at different stages on the run up to the event. You may take individual initiatives and email some of the academics specialising in this area to get further information.

14. How much is the participation fee?
£400 per team to be paid after selection.

15. Can multiple teams from my school submit applications?
Yes, however, each student may participate only in one team. There should be no overlapping.

16. One of our teammates can no longer participate. What are the rules regarding substitutions?
Substitutions are discouraged. If you must make a substitution please contact us at for approval.