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IMS Health

IMS is a leading provider of information, services and technology for the healthcare industry, covering markets in 100+ countries around the world.

A market leader for more than 55 years, we blend industry expertise and advanced technology to deliver the most accurate perspectives and in-depth analytics on healthcare dynamics. Actionable insights, powered by superior information assets, are tuned to our clients' precise requirements.

We continuously innovate to keep pace with a global healthcare environment that is increasingly complex and interdependent. Whether our clients are decision makers in life sciences, payers, providers or policymakers, our analytical, commercial services and consulting capabilities are key to competitive advantage and to achieving high-quality, cost-effective healthcare.

Challenge Case Study Generated by Matt Stocker Ltd

Matt Stocker Ltd

Matt Stocker Ltd

Matt Stocker Ltd is a strategic consultancy firm that works in partnership with businesses and other organisations to build success for tomorrow - not just today. With a strong focus on innovation, Matt Stocker Ltd helps companies to create and exploit new opportunities.

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