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Druva laptop backup user guide

Setup instructions (to be followed once you have received an email from the Helpdesk saying your account is set up):

  • Check your email for your account details. It has a link for installing onto private devices. If you are using a WBS laptop run the Druva InSync application from the Software Centre link on your desktop

Double click the Druva application in the software centre

  • Follow the install wizard agreeing to all the default settings.
  • Druva should automatically start once the installation is completed. If it does not for any reason double click the desktop shortcut

If Druva does not open automatically double click the desktop shortcut

  • IMPORTANT: From the drop down options ensure you select On Premise (that is we don't sent your data to a third party. It is all stored safely on our own servers).

Important - select the On Premise option from the drop down list

  • Enter the Server URL, your email address and the password you use to log into a WBS computer. Click Activate

    Enter the details as below and click activate

  • If successful you should get a Backup Completed message. Depending on how much data you have it could take a number of hours to finish this initial backup.

    If successful you should get a Backup Complete message

  • Note that currently only a limited number of folders are being backed up. You will almost certainly want to add some additional folders. Instructions on this are below.

What is backed up?

By default Druva will back up the following folders:

  • My Documents
  • Desktop
  • Favorites (Internet Explorer favorites)
  • Music
  • D:\myfiles (this folder is not created automatically but if you create it anything contained within will be backed up)

Note that virtual machine files are *not* backed up, even if they are located in one of the above folders (specifically .vmdk and .pvm files). This typically only affects Mac users who might run Windows as a virtual machine.

Can I add other folders to the list to be backed up?

Yes, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Druva application by double-clicking the desktop short cut. Click the 'Add Folder' option.

Open the Druva app and click the Add Folder option

  • Navigate to the folder you wish to add to the backup set and click Next.

Select Additional Folder to add to the backup set

  • It is possible to filter out certain file types from the backup but generally we recommend backing up everything in the folder. To do this click the Add button.

You can filter which files to back up if you wish

If you have any problems setting up Druva please contact the WBS Helpdesk.