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How to quickly re-map network drives.

Sometimes your network drives (H, I and S) will get disconnected and will be shown with red crosses through them. Try clicking on one of the drives, it may be enough to reconnect. If that doesn't work then the following is a quicker method of re-mapping your drives than logging out and back in again.

  • Right click the red 'N' logo in the notification area and select 'Novell Login'. You may need to click the up arrow in the Notification Area to see the red 'N'.

Click the Up arrown int the notification area to see more icons

Right click the Red N

Select Novell login and re-enter your details

  • Enter your regular login username and password.

Why does this happen?

That is an excellent question. Connections do need to disconnect after a period of inactivity or else all systems would grind to a halt trying to maintain all the open links. What should happen is that the drive should automatically and invisibly reconnect the next time a file is requested from the server. This is what sometimes doesn't happen.

The issue is likely to be the mix of Microsoft and Novell technologies. The former probably has little incentive to make its systems work with Novell technologies although this is hopefully going to change now Novell has effectively been purchased by Microsoft. Novell engineers regularly bring out updates to the client software installed on WBS computers. Each new version seems to ease the problem somewhat. We'll continue to deploy the newer versions as they are released.

Longer term we are looking to move away from Novell storage technologies towards those produced by Microsoft. This is a very large change however and will undoubtedly bring with it a whole new array of issues (this viruses and servers that crash more often). This change is expected to eliminate this 'disconnecting' problem.