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Advice on accessing WBS email from China

Students sometimes report problems accessing their WBS mail.wbs email account from within China. The ability to access can vary from city to city and over time (users who cannot access mail one day may be able to the following day or week). In particular access is more likely to be blocked during 'politically-sensitive' times.

While all services can suffer outages in this case it seems that access is being blocked / limited as part of the Chinese Government's so called 'Great Firewall of China' . As such this is completely outside the control of Google or WBS.

Information on the current status of access is available via:


If you are having problems accessing your mail.wbs account the following advice may assist you. If you have any further tips that have worked for you please let us know at help at wbs dot ac dot uk. Ultimately though access is mediated by the Chinese Government so there will likely be times when it is impossible to access some foreign email services from within China.

  1. Before you go to China we strongly recommend you set a forward rule to send copies of new messages to a system that is less likely to be blocked, for example a Chinese-based email system. You might never need to use this but will have it there as a back up if necessary. Note however that any such forwarded messages may lose the protection offered by Google's encryption.
  2. Ask colleagues and friends in China. They are probably best placed to offer advice on how to get around such obstacles (but stay within any local laws!).
  3. If you are still stuck let us know (help at wbs dot ac dot uk) using a different email account so we can try to help! Please include your student number to help us assist you efficiently.
  4. Have a nice trip and enjoy all the lovely food!