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I can log into my email as but not as

This is a misunderstanding of how your email account works. You only have one WBS email account and it has a username that is something like

To log in you visit and log in with your WBS Google username:


Your mail.wbs account is quite clever though. Your one WBS email account can have multiple email addresses associated with it. These extra addresses are called 'nicknames'. This is very useful, for example imagine that your name is Jane Smith. You will have an email address (nickname) similar to . Imagine though that you get married and change your name to Jane Jones... we can now add another email nickname of

Now anything sent to any of the following addresses would all get delivered to your single email account:

  • (your actual email address)
  • (nickname 1)
  • (nickname 2)

The key point to remember that although you have multiple email WBS email addresses you only have one account. To log in that account you can only use your WBS username (something like fm12xx). It is not possible to log into your single WBS email account using one of your nicknames. Once you log in with this you are seeing all email sent to any of your email addresses.

Why can't I send messages from to my address?

One final complication. Many people try to send a message from their mail.wbs account to one of their nicknames to check all is working. Unfortunately this won't work. Google are very clever and can see that you are sending a message to yourself and so things don't work as you would expect. If you feel you must test this, always use a different account (e.g a Hotmail, Yahoo or personal Gmail account) and send messages to all your mail.wbs addresses. When you log in, you should see them all waiting for you in your mailbox.