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Why do I have three email addresses?

One of the most confusing aspects of starting to use the information systems at WBS can be the issue of email addresses. This image below will hopefully answer your questions. The key point is that as long as you can log in at with your WBS Google username (something like then you are seeing all email that has been sent to you.

In this example we consider an imaginary student, Jane Doe, who has a username of fm13jd

WBS email account

Why do WBS provide an email account when we already get a University of Warwick email account?

Most departments at the University of Warwick do not provide additional email accounts for their students. At WBS however we understand that Business School students have particular needs and so we provide an additional account for the following reasons:

  • The central University of Warwick email account is closed shortly after you graduate. At WBS we understand that one of the benefits of attending WBS is the opportunity to create networks that will support your career in the future. The closure of your email account makes that more difficult. Hence WBS provides you with an email account that continues indefinitely (well, at least as long as Google survives).
  • As well as email, the WBS account gives you access to a host of other services such as Google Drive. Having used a range of systems we are convinced that Google Apps is the most innovative and supportive of collaboration. We therefore wish to make this service available to WBS students.