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Instructions for setting up Thunderbird with Live@Edu

Account setup

In Thunderbird, select Tools > Account Settings > Account Actions > Add Mail Account

Add addition account

Enter your Name as you wish it to appear

Email address (

Password (This is your IT Services password)

Account setup

Thunderbird will then try and be clever and discover the server settings..... it will fail!

Fail message

You can then manually change the settings

Incoming: IMAP port:993 SSL/TLS Normal password

Outgoing: SMTP port:587 STARTTLS Normal password

Username: (This is your IT Services username)

When you have added the information select the Re-test button, when it is happy with the settings the Create Account button will be made available.

IMAP settings

The basic setup is now complete.

Additional Features

There are some additional settings which allow for a better integration with the email system and will add sent and deleted email to the correct folders on the server, therefore if you use another client the information is retained in the same location.

Before we can continue we need to show all of the email folders.

Right mouse click on your new WBS email account and select Settings - Server Settings - Advanced

Untick Show only subscribed folders

Additional settings

When you select okay all of your folders should appear in the left hand column

File locations

Right mouse click on your new WBS email account and select Settings - Sever Settings

Select the "When I delete a message:" and tick "Move it to this folder" then select Deleted Items

deleted items

While you are in the Account Settings menu select Copies & Folders, under "When sending messages, automatically:" click the other radio button and select Sent Items from the @wbs account

File location

Thunderbird is now setup.