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WBS Undergraduate Students or some Distance-Learning Postgraduate students (who only receive one usercode that starts bsxxxx or uxxxxxx) should check their email on the central University's system at .


WBS provides Google-hosted email and applications for its students and PhD Researchers. The benefits of this include:
  • An almost unlimited amount of space - currently 30GB to share between your email and Google Drive files. You'll never have to delete an email again.
  • A email account that lasts 'forever' and that demonstrates your link to WBS.
  • 24 hour 7-day a week support from an organisation of the size of Google.
  • A suite of innovative applications that promote colloboration and sharing to support your studies/research.
  • All accessible via

Frequently asked questions

Who gets a mail.wbs account?WBS started providing mail.wbs accounts to Postgraduate students who started their studies during or after September 2008. Accounts were provided to PhD Researchers who started during or after September 2009. Some distance learning students (in particular those starting after November 2013) do not receive WBS usernames or email accounts.

WBS Undergraduate students should instead read the information at

I can't login, what should I do?If you have never been able to log in to your account then please ensure you are entering your WBS Google username in a form similar to and not your 'friendly' email address that is similar to If you have not received your WBS username and password please wait until your IT induction at the start of your course. Details will be given out then by your programme staff.

mail.wbs login

I can log into my.wbs but not mail.wbs, what should I do?
See here for instructions on how to reset your mail.wbs password to be the same as that you use for my.wbs.

What will my email address be? Why do I have two email addresses?
Your address will be of the form YY refers to the year you started your course. If this address has already been assigned then an extra number will appear immediately after the surname. You can also use an address of One is just a nickname for the other and sending to either will see your email delivered to this single, same account.

Why do I have so many email addresses?
Good question, for a full answer please see 'Why do I have three email addresses?'.

Can you change my email address?
All email addresses should be of the form Where there has been an error in the address creation process (e.g. a misspelling) we will happily change the address. Also if the current address doesn't represent how you are known (e.g. the address is robert.smith.11 but you are usually known as 'Bob') then we will happily change this too. Finally we are happy to change addresses in your name changes e.g. through marriage.

How can I access this email account?
Your usual way to access this email account is via the web-interface at . All student computers will have shortcut links on the desktop to help you. If you are using your own computer you can also use a range of email clients to access your email. Google provide full instructions on this - please follow any instructions that are specific to Google Apps users on these pages.

What username do I use to login?
You should use your WBS username. This is usually 6 characters long with two numbers in the middle that show the year you started your course. A typical example would be ef08xx. Hopefully you know the password associated with this account as these details are distributed by your new programme teams shortly before the start of your course.

I can log in with my username like but I can't log in as
This is a misunderstanding of how your account works. See here for an explanation.

How do I change my email password?
See here

Can I access this account from my mobile phone?
Google provide a number of options for accessing your account from a range of mobile phones. For details see . Mobile access has been enabled for this domain. Please ensure you follow any instructions that are specific to Google Apps on these pages.

Can link the my.wbs calendar to my email account?
Sure, the my.wbs calendar can output iCal feeds that can be linked to your WBS Google account. Please see here for instructions.

Can I use Microsoft Outlook to view my email?
Sure, see here although to get the very best out of your mail.wbs account it is recommended you use the web interface.

How do I....?
Google provide a very powerful support service. Please see for questions related to email and for assistance with the calendar. Please read any references to Google Apps as being applicable to mail.wbs. Password problems should, however, be directed to the WBS Helpdesk ( ).

How do I forward all messages to my personal account
Your WBS Google account comes with a range of other benefits including access to Google Docs and Calendar. We encourage all students to make full use of these facilities. We appreciate however that some students prefer to forward all messages to their personal account. Instructions on doing this are here.

Will I see adverts when I'm using my email?
If you use a client such as Outlook to access your account you will never see adverts. If you use the web interface then you will not see adverts while you are a student. Google may, at some time in the future, make advertisements visible to graduates although this has not happened yet.

Will recipients know my account is hosted by Google?
There will be no indictation within the email that it is hosted and provided by Google. An advanced user would be able to look directly at the headers of the message and would likely be able to ascertain this.

How long can I use my email account?
WBS has no intention of stopping your use of this account after you finish your course. Equally however, if, after you graduate, Google decide to withdraw this service, WBS would not be able to intervene. In short then, our intention is that you can keep this account 'forever' but the ultimate decider of that is Google.

Can I use other Google services such as Google Docs?
Yes, your usercode will give you access to very many other Google services such as Google Docs.

My 'from' address currently shows my username, can it be changed to my email address?This is possible although you will have to make a few changes. You can find instructions at Google be reading my email?
Google, like other commercial email providers, may use automated processing methods to provide relevant advertising and related links based on your IP address. More details on Google's Privacy Policy can be found at Google adheres to the US Safe Harbor privacy principle managed by the Department of Commerce. In brief this is an agreement with the European Union whereby certified companies are considered to have sufficient data protection standards to allow data to be transferred there without further consent being required. More information is available on the Department of Commerce's website at .

Can I use Google Docs to create online surveys?
Absolutely you can. Google Docs makes a good alternative to other free services such as Survey Monkey in that, unlike those, it allows an almost unlimited number of responses and the results automatically populate a spreadsheet in your Google Docs account. Please note however that WBS does have an unlimited site licence for a very powerful surveying tool called Qualtrics. For more details on both options see

Advice on accessing your mail.wbs email account from ChinaStudents report that they sometimes have problems accessing their mail.wbs accounts from China. This page gives some suggestions that might help although the issues appear to be due to the so called 'Great Firewall of China' and so are outside of the control of either Google or WBS.

What is Google Labs?Google Labs allows you to try out some experimental new features in Google mail. You can access labs by clicking on the green icon towards in the top right corner of your email screen. If you're going to brave the Labs world, it's important to keep in mind that these may disappear or break at any time. Labs features that work well will graduate and become regular features. If (when) you have a problem with a Google labs feature log in using to disable labs temporarily. Disable any Labs features that you have added until the problem is resolved. It is valuable to Google if you provide feedback by visiting the Labs Feedback Group.


What are the rules of using this account?
Use of the account is subject to your compliance with Google's Mail Programme Policies such as not sending spam. You can view these polices at . As a member of the university you are also bound by the various policies of the University and our Internet Service Provider. You can find copies of these at .