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mail.wbs - changing the 'from' address

In the mail.wbs system, your main email address is in the form– the same username that you sign in with, e.g. msf00da. This is fine but we don't think it looks particularly friendly or attractive so we have also created a second address of that we encourage you to give out as your email address. We have done it this way so that if you change your name (marriage, divorce, gender change etc) we can change your email address without your having to have a new account and thus losing access to all your old email, contacts etc. Anything sent to either address will get delivered to your one account.

When you send out email, by default the 'from' address will still be of the form . It is entirely voluntary, but you might want to change this so that emails show as coming 'from' your address instead.

Here’s how to make that change:

First log into your email and click the Gear icon in the top right corner. Select 'Mail Settings' from the drop down options.

Click the Gear icon and select Mail Settings

Then select the Accounts tab and click “Add another email address”

Here you can enter your name as you want it to appear, and the email address that you want messages to appear to come from – this has to be an email address that you can receive messages to, which your nickname (the email address as given to you when you started) is.

Click Send Verification in the next box, and close the subsequent box.

You should shortly receive a verification email – follow the instructions in the email to verify your “new” email address.

You should now be able to go back into the Settings page, and make this your default address to send from – when you send an email, your default address appears in the from box, but you also get a drop down menu to switch back to your original address.

The helpdesk are able to change your firstname.lastname.yy address in exceptional circumstances, such as where there has been a mistake during the creation of your account – please contact help at wbs dot ac dot uk if you believe that this applies to you.