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Surveying software for students

Update Feb 2011- WBS now has a site licence for the advanced surveying tool, Qualtrics. Please see:

Students sometimes contact us for advice on free tools for conducting online surveys as part of their academic work. We know of the following options but if you have any other suggestions please share your knowledge via the comments section below.

  • Survey Monkey : This is a professional-level product for which there is a free version. This free version is limited however to 10 questions per form and a maximum of 100 responses.
  • SurveyGizmo : This offers a free account to students and allows the results to be outputted to SPSS.
  • Google Docs (part of your mail.wbs account) : This allows you easily to create online forms that can accept a virtually unlimited number of responses, which are added to an online spreadsheet.
  • As well as the above PhD researchers can also use the IT Services produce formsbuilder. For information please see

This is an example of a Google form that I created in less than 5 minutes.

To find out more information about using Google Docs for surveys please see:

or watch this short video below: