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Staff only: Installing networked printers

This guide shows how members of staff can install their group networked printers onto their office Windows 10 computer. If you are still using Windows 7 please see the instructions here

  • Using a non WBS personal laptop instead? See here for instructions.

  • Using a Mac? See here.

Procedure for installling printers on WBS staff Windows 10 machines:

This works when in on your office desktop machine or over the hotspot-secure wireless network.

  • Click the Windows button (or press the Windows key on your keyboard to the left of the space bar) and type 'printers (without the quotes). Select 'Devices and Printers' from the result list.

    Search for the term printers and select Devices and Printers from the results

  • Select 'Add a printer'

    Select Add a printer

  • Choose one of your group's shared printers from the list and click Next. When the wizard is complete click 'Finish'.
  • Repeat this for each printer you wish to add (each group typically has at least two printers, a colour version and and a black and white only version).
  • In order to save your group's money we recommend you set the black and white only printer to be your default. Do this by right-clicking on it when you have finished installing all the printers and selecting the 'Set as default' option

    Right click your chosen printer to set as default


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