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Staff only: Installing Staff-Pull-Queue on Windows 7

This guide can be used if you are a member of staff and you wish to install the Staff-Pull-Queue to your office Windows 7 computer. If you are using Windows 10 please see the instructions here

  • Using a non WBS personal laptop? See here for instructions.

  • Using a Mac? See here.

Procedure for WBS managed machines:

This works when on your office desktop machine or over the hotspot-secure wireless network.

Click Start then Devices and Printers.

You will be presented with your current devices and your current printers. Click the Add a Printer button at the top.

Click Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.

This will take you to another window with the option Select a printer. Scroll down the list to find Staff-Pull-Queue (you might need to order the list by Printer Name in alphabetical order to make it easier). Click the Staff-Pull-Queue to install, click next. If you can not see the printer, click Search again.

When you click next it will start to install the printer. First it will locate the driver from the server, then download it, then finish the installation.

This takes a minute or two.

You will receive a notification that it is installed successfully. Click next.

You now have the option of setting it as your default printer, and printing a test page. Click Finish.

The printer will now be listed in your Devices and Printers window.


Having Problems?

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