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Can I change my photo in my.wbs?


There are two photos in my.wbs, one of which it is easy to change and the other is not.

The one that is difficult is your Profile Photograph. This is taken directly from central university records and is the one used on your university card and visible, by default, if another my.wbs user wishes to view your profile (e.g. by clicking on your name). This photo is the one you will have supplied during registration. If you won't want this image to be seen please untick the box next to 'Photo Visibility'.

The other image is your discussions avatar. By default your avatar is a smaller version of the photo above and it is this that is seen by other my.wbs users next to every post you make. You can change this to be a different (small) photo or an image to represent your online presence. You can upload and change this avatar within the my.wbs profile section. Log into my.wbs > My Admin > Profile.

Note that after you change this image *you* may still see the old image for a while because your computer's browser has cached the old image. You can test this by viewing my.wbs with a browser that you don't normally use that will show you the new image. People looking at your image for the first time will see your new image. The old image will drop out of your own browser's cache after a number of days although the exact timing depends on the particular settings you have on your computer.

avatars are easy to change but photos are not


Staff should contact the Marketing and Communications office if their profile is not showing the latest photograph: marketing at wbs dot ac dot uk .