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Creating clickable links in my.wbs


You are writing a message in my.wbs. The message will contain a hyperlink and you’d like to make so that a reader can click the link to go to the website in question.


This document assumes you are have the necessary permissions and are confident in writing standard messages on my.wbs.

In this example we’d like to create a message that points readers towards the main Warwick website for more information. Clicking the words ‘Warwick Website’ should send the user to that website. Our recommendation is that the new website should open in a new window

  • Compose your message as normal until you get to the point where you wish to enter the link

    Enter your message to the point where you want to enter a link
  • Copy the text below and paste it into your message

    <a href="" target="_blank">Warwick Website</a>

    Enter <a href="" target="_blank">Warwick Website</a>
  • Edit the hyperlink to reflect the site you need

    Edit the link as necessary
  • When finished click ‘Add my message’ and test your new link

    Always test your link