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Deleting (expiring) content in my.wbs


You've posted something in my.wbs. For some reason you now realise this is an error and want to 'delete' the post. An example might be where you accidentally post the same content twice.


It is not possible to delete posts from my.wbs. It is very simple however for you to expire the post. It will then disappear from the view of everyone else, effectively achieving the same result.

  • Log into my.wbs.
  • Navigate to the post you wish to remove.
  • Select the option to edit the resource.
  • Look for the option to expire or change the publishing dates. The exact location of this depends on the type of post you are wishing to remove. In this example it is a regular resource so you need to click on the 'Publishing Dates' section.


  • Set the Visible until date to be yesterday (this is referred to as the Expiry Date for some kinds of post)


  • Click 'Save your changes'.
  • Your post should no longer be visible although you may need to refresh the view to see this.