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Upload multiple files to my.wbs

You wish to upload multiple files to my.wbs, for example some reading and an Excel worksheet that are needed for a lecture.

You could post them separately but logically these files belong together as they are both needed for the lecture. Posting them separately would also run the risk that students may download one of them and not realise that they also need the other. To avoid this problem we are going to group the two files together as a single zip file, which we can then upload to my.wbs.


  • Click Start > My Computer and navigate to the files you wish to upload


  • Select both files and then right click once. Select Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder

rzipped folder

  • This produces a zipped archive at the same location that contains both the selected files. The zipped file takes the name of the last file selected so you may wish to rename it to something more appropriate (as has been done here)

.zipped file

  • You can now upload the zipped collection of files in the regular way.

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