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Troubleshooting Wireless access

The wireless internet service is administered campus-wide by the central University IT Services department. Users with problems are advised to go through the steps below and to visit the IT Services Helpdesk (1st floor of the library) if they continue to have problems. Alternatively they can be contacted on or (024 765) 73737.


No connection at all

If you are unable to connect to a wireless hotspot at all, ensure the wireless card is turned on for your computer. Typically this involves either sliding a small switch on the side of your laptop or a keyboard combination such as Fn+F2 or similar. Look for a relevant icon on the keys of your laptop.

If you still don't see the "hotspot" network in the list of available networks try looking up the type of your laptop's wireless adapter (searching online for your laptop model specification or consult the documentation that came with it). Most laptops come with 802.11g/(draft)n/n wireless connectivity. Older laptops using 802.11b wireless cannot connect due to network performance considerations and you might consider purchasing an add-on Wireless Adapter, according to IT Services, Help Desk Leaflet 17.

Can make a wireless connection but cannot see the Internet

Sometimes the computer will show a connection but it is not possible to view any web site.

  • Your computer must be set up to receive a dynamically-assigned IP address. If you do not know if this is the case for your computer or you need to make any changes to the configuration of the computer please contact your company’s IT support staff or other group who are responsible for supporting your machine

Problems accessing corporate networks via VPNs

Each year many students are able to connect to their corporate VPNs successfully. A few users however are not able to make such a connection. We do not actively prevent any user from connecting to a corporate network but offer no guarantee that such access is possible. As a department within a large university we are unable to make any changes to university-wide firewall or security configurations.

If you continue to have problems with the wireless connection, contact the University of Warwick IT Helpdesk on 73737 or Please note that the WBS Computing Helpdesk will not be able to assist you as this service is administered by the University's IT Helpdesk. They are physically located on the first floor of the library. Their opening hours are shown at