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Information for internal staff who present at WBS

Description of lecture theatres and other rooms

WBS has 8 lecture theatres in addition to teaching, seminar and meeting rooms. Full details can be found at .

Getting Help

  • Any support call from a lecture theatre, teaching or meeting room is given the highest priority and should result in immediate support.
  • The Helpdesk is responsible for providing support during regular working hours. You can contact them on or on 024 765 22522 (22522 internally).
  • ISSU offer hands-on experience sessions with the AV equipment. It is strongly recommended that all staff attend. Email to request a session.
  • There is generally no out-of-hours technical support. For high-profile events it MAY be possible to arrange support. Please contact the Helpdesk with such requests giving as much notice as possible.
  • Although theatres are checked and maintained regularly, there is always a risk of an equipment failure during a presentation.


  • Please visit for a full list of equipment and usage instructions.
  • Please note that most lectern computers do NOT have Zip drives.
  • Each theatre has a radio microphone or similar. These can be collected from the Helpdesk (M1 and M2’s microphones are left in the theatre, with spare batteries kept in the office outside of M2. Please email when the supply of batteries runs low).
  • Computer login details for each theatre are shown in the instructions in each theatre.
  • Laptops can easily be connected to the projectors in all rooms. Some rooms allow for Internet access to WBS laptops.
  • Most rooms do not have Overhead Projectors (OHPs), the primary reason being the lack of projection space on the teaching wall. Rooms do have Visualizers, however, which provide all the functionality of OHPs and more. If you have never used one, please contact the Helpdesk for a one-to-one demonstration.

Steps to ensure a trouble-free presentation

  • Ensure you have a backup of your presentation (e.g on USB memory stick or email).
  • Presentations with video, or similar, embedded should always be checked ahead of time to ensure they display as expected.

Access to theatres/teaching rooms

  • gives details as to the security employed for rooms. Some rooms have door access control, others are locked with traditional keys that must be collected from Reception.
  • All WBS staff can access teaching rooms at any time during the day, 7 days a week. Students may only have access from 30 minutes before the teaching session is due to start.


  • It is recommended you save your presentation into the L:\theatres_staff folder.
  • This folder is visible to you in both your office and the lecture theatres and teaching rooms. Files in this folder are visible to all WBS staff and other presenters but not to students.
  • This folder is a temporary storage area only; please ensure you delete your presentation after use. Should space become tight, old files will be deleted by ISSU without warning.

Disabled Facilities – please let us know if you require particular assistance

  • All our theatres are equipped with induction loops for the hard of hearing.
  • All theatres and seminar rooms have variable-height lecterns.
  • Some theatres have disabled access ramps for use by presenters.

Pens, batteries etc

  • Each staff member is responsible for bringing their own whiteboard pens, flip chart paper and other stationery.
  • Replacement batteries for radio microphones etc can be collected from the Helpdesk.


  • Food and drinks are not allowed in theatres or teaching rooms. Bottled water can be taken in but care should be taken to keep it away from the AV equipment. Please ensure students abide by these same rules.
  • Ensure you leave promptly at the end of your scheduled time to avoid disruption to following classes. If you are in a room that you have not booked please be ready to leave promptly if asked to do so.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the room is tidy after your session has finished (eg by collecting spare papers and cleaning whiteboards etc).

Presenting in other university rooms

  • When presenting in other university rooms outside WBS your regular username and password will not work. Please use your IT Services username or any others that are indicated on the relevant lectern.
  • IT problems with central university rooms should be reported to the ITS Servicedesk: or Tel (024 765) 73737.
  • AV problems with central university rooms should be reported to AV Services on (024 765) 22463.
  • If you have persistent or recurrent problems presenting in any central university room please send us details and we will attempt to assist you in getting these addressed.

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