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Support for private machines

We regret that it is not within our remit to diagnose or fix problems with the private computers of any of our service users.

We are happy, however, to do the following:

  • Provide general advice about computer usage
  • Suggest possible solutions for problems
  • Advise about possible ways forward
  • Provide assistance for staff wanting to use a private laptop for audio-visual work in teaching rooms

Where to obtain further assistance:

IT Services have a service that provides limited support to users who are having problems with their privately owned computers.

Services provided:

  • Help getting your computer connected to the network and the Internet
  • Help recovering your computer following a virus attack
  • Help installing antivirus software
  • Advice on good PC practice
  • Help installing printers and other peripheral devices
  • Help reinstalling your operating system from system disks (if you have them)

Who’s entitled to this service?

  • Free to all campus residents
  • Free to residents of Off-Campus Managed Houses
  • Included in the price of a Student Purchase Scheme computer
  • Available to others for purchase from E2E for £25.85 a year (as of Oct 2008)

Where can I get further details?

Website address:

In person:

The Service Point is at the back of the IT Services Building on the Ground Floor (building 27 in the following map). It is recommended you check their website for opening hours.

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