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Meeting Rooms Quick start guide

Intended Audience

This quick start is intended for users who wish to connect one of the WBS loan projectors to a laptop.

Connecting to a Data Projector

Remove the lens cap from the projector

Connect the projector’s video cable to the video output socket on your laptop (similar to output 6 on the example laptop below)

Connect the other end to the identical blue socket on the data projector (marked ‘IN’)

Turn on the projector (the power button is on the top for most WBS projectors) and the laptop

If the image does not appear on screen you will need to press a key combination to toggle the display between laptop only, presentation only and both.

For Dell machines this key combination is Fn + F8

  • Function key Fn is on the front row of the keyboard to the left of the spacebar
  • F8 is above keys 7 and 8

For other manufacturers try some of the following common combinations (look for a little TV screen or “display” on the function keys): IBM/Lenovo (Fn+ F7), MAC (Fn+F7), Fn+F3