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Blocking student computers in D0.04 and D0.05

When using the IT teaching rooms in D0.04 or D0.05 you may find it hard to communicate with your students if they are being distracted by content on their local computers. This tip sheet explains how to temporarily block the student machines in the IT teaching rooms so that the screens are blanked and the mouse/keyboard are disabled.


  • Log into the lectern machine as normal.
  • Look in the ‘Training’ folder of WBS Applications for the ‘Block’ applications.

    Icons are in the Training folder of WBS Applications

  • Double click the appropriate room’s application. The Blocker application for that room will open. If you are using both rooms you will need to double-click on both icons.

    Click disable to lock the student machines
    • Section 1 lists all the computers in the room and shows whether they are responding. If they are not it is likely that the machine is powered off.
    • Section 2 allows you to limit which computers you block. For simplicity you may decide to block all the student machines in the room.
    • Section 3 has the control buttons. Clicking Disable will Block the students’ machines while clicking Enable will give control back to the students.
  • Clicking Disable will disable the students’ mice and keyboards. It will also blank their screens with the following message:

    Students' screens, mice and keyboards are disabled
  • The interface on the lectern machine will also change to show the computers in red, indicating they are currently ‘Blocked’.

    click disable to lock the student computers
  • To give control of the computers back to the students click the ‘Enable’ button

    Click Enable to release the computers