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Installing WBS fonts on Central Campus

The WBS Stone fonts should now be installed on all AV-managed centrally timetabled teaching computers – however, ISSU cannot test every one, so exceptions may arise. You can manually install the fonts on these and other IT Services managed machines (such as in open access work areas, the library and staff offices) by following the instructions below.

If you are sending the files outside the university, ISSU still recommend that you embed the fonts, or save the document as a PDF. If you are presenting outside the university, it is recommended that you use a WBS-supported laptop computer – staff who do not have a laptop can borrow one at

How to install WBS fonts on a networked IT Services workstation

If the Application Launcher fails to load, launch it using the link on the desktop, called “Novell Delivered Applications” (if you don’t see this link, call IT services on 73737)

At the time of writing, it is necessary to click “Run” on the security warning dialogue box, which will appear once or twice.

Now make sure that all Office applications are closed.

Navigate through the Application Launcher to the WARWICK->Utilities->Additional Fonts folder – the WBS font is called Stone. It should take a minute or so to copy.

If the fonts don’t install properly (ie. your presentation still doesn’t look right, or looks like gobbledegook) then it may be necessary to restart the computer – this was the case on just one of the machines this process was tested on.

The ISSU helpline number is 22522, and the IT Services helpdesk are on 73737

Please direct any comments and suggestions surrounding this document or these issues to