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Purchasing Dragon Professional - Note Windows only

Important notes:

  • Nuance, the makers of Dragon, announced in 2018 that they would no longer provide or support a version of Dragon for the Apple Mac. Dragon is now only available for Windows or iOS (although this latter product appears to be a very cut-down version).
  • Nuance have also ended the academic discounts that used to reduce the price paid for this software by about 50%. The current price (as of Feb '19) is GBP349.99. This software is not returnable.

The Dragon range of software is recognised as the premier voice-recognition software. Unlike with all other software we have been informed there is no need to complete a 'Software purchase request' form when buying Dragon Naturally Speaking.

To buy the software:

  1. Email with:
    1. a request to purchase this software
    2. your Research Support Allowance budget code.
  2. eSolutions will order the software by charging to their purchasing card. All costs will then be recharged to your Research Support Allowance.
  3. The software is delivered as an electronic download. eSolutions will install this on to your WBS-computer if necessary.
  4. Although the licence agreement makes mention of the ability to install this onto two computers purchasers have reported to us they were prevented from installing more than once, i.e. if they wanted to use on a work and home PC they had to buy two copies. If you have more luck in this area please let us know so we can update this guidance.
  5. Enjoy chatting to your PC!