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Datastream Advance - retirement and replacement


WBS has long held a large number of licences for the Datastream Advance application from Thomson Reuters. It is known to be popular with both Academic colleagues and students as it is easy to use, highly functional and the licence terms allow WBS to install the software onto a large number of computers, including onto the office computers of WBS staff and PhD Researchers.

It sound great, so can we keep using it?

Sadly no. Although we would like to keep using it Thomson Reuters stopped supporting Datastream Advance after the release of Office 2010. Out of pure luck it did work with the 32 bit version of Office 2013 but never with the 64 bit version of Office 2013. At the time Thomson Reuters were very clear they were no longer supporting Datastream Advance and would not be fixing the issue  . When using Windows 10, or Office 2016, Datastream Advance does not work at all. To be clear then WBS is not leaving Datastream Advance, rather Datastream Advance is leaving us.

We delayed our upgrade of Microsoft Office on our student machines for over a year so that we could keep Datastream Advance working. We cannot keep our systems stuck in the past for this single application, particularly as GDPR legislation requires us always to take care of our users' data (e.g. through the use of encryption and running up-to-date, supported software).

So what is the alternative?

Thomson Reuters strategy has long been to move all users to a single product, Eikon, that brings together all of their data services into one platform, including Datastream Advance. As previously, there is a Microsoft Office plugin (called the 'Thomson Reuters Datastream') to make it easier to import Datastream Advance data into Excel, Word and PowerPoint or similar.

That sounds fine, how can I access that?

Currently we only have a small number of Eikon accounts. You can access it via the three Eikon terminals in the PG IT Suite (room 0.101).

Hmm, that doesn't sound so great. I would really like it on my office desktop computer

Sadly we can't provide that. The Finance Masters team (who pay all of the cost of this software) are currently considering whether to redirect all the money they have been paying to date towards funding Eikon licences. If this were to happen it would allow us to add a few extra Eikon licences. This may allow us to increase the number of Eikon terminals in the PG IT Suite PLUS we would like to offer a virtual machine service. This would allow you to use Remote Desktop to connect from your office computer to a 'virtual' Eikon terminal. We'll update this page once we hear of decisions being made in this area.

No I mean I *really* need to be able to have Eikon installed directly on my office computer

It is likely possible for you to purchase your own Eikon terminal licence but it is very expensive (approximately £325 per month even with the academic discount). If you are interested in this please contact the WBS Helpdesk and we will get a formal quote. There will also be a minimum contract term which is belived to be 1 year. Alternatively you may wish to raise this through the School's research committee or similar if you feel there should be greater investment in this area. Currently all of the costs of Eikon and Datastream are met by the Finance Masters programme and so accessibility to students is prioritised.

What help is there in moving from Datastream Advance to Eikon?

Thomson Reuters provide a number of documents to assist users: