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Finding the MAC address of a computer


You wish to find the MAC address of your computer. Typically this is done to register the computer for network access.


  • These instructions assume you are using Windows 7. The process is similar for most other versions of Windows. If you have problems please search the Internet for instructions.
  • Log into Windows as normal.
  • To open the run box use the windows_key.jpgkey +r

  • win_7_run.jpg
  • At the command prompt type ‘ipconfig /all’ without the quotes and press Enter

  • You should now see lots of information on the screen. This can be confusing because your computer may have a number of network interfaces (e.g. a wired card and a wireless card). Search for the section entitled ‘Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection’. In this section look for the Physical Address – will be something like 00-1a-2b-3c-4d-5e . This is your MAC address