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Reimaging your computer to reinstall Windows


You are a WBS staff member or a PhD Researcher with an office. You have a problem with a WBS computer and, after contacting the Helpdesk, you have been advised to reinstall Windows in order to fix it.

This process will take a full copy of all information on your computer and verify that it has copied correctly. Once done the C drive of your computer is wiped clean and a new version of Windows installed. The process can take many hours so should usually be run over night.

Action required following a rebuild

After the process is complete, any work you had stored on the D drive will be present. You will need to reinstall any extra programs you added by clicking the relevant icons in WBS Applications. To re-install your group printers see the instructions at the end.


  • Start with your computer powered off
  • Push the power button to start it up
  • Select the ‘Disk image’ option from the menu by using the ‘Up’ , ‘Down’ arrow keys and pressing Enter (the menu item is called either ‘Disk image’ or ‘Restore’).


  • You need option ‘2) Backup Disk and restore Duopart’ - see image below.

If your computer is a little older you may see a slightly different menu; in that case select Option 1 (Backup options). Then select Option 3 (Disk image copy and restore Lappart). Finally enter your username when requested.

 image menu

  • Enter your WBS username at the prompt that follows shortly and press Enter
  • In a number of hours your computer will be ready and waiting at the login screen.

You will see the login prompt as usual at the end of the process.

  • Reinstall any extra applications by double-clicking the relevant icons in WBS Applications.

Reinstalling Networked (Group) printers