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Gerry McGivern

Gerry is Professor of Organisational Analysis in the Organisation and Human Resource Management (OHRM) Group at Warwick Business School.

Gerry's research focuses on understanding professionals' knowledge, practice, identities, and how they are affected by systems of regulation and organisation, primarily within health care systems. He has led Economic and Social Council and National Institute for Health Research-funded research projects, published in leading international social science and management journals, and recently co-authored 'Making Wicked Problems Governable: The Case of Managed Networks in Health Care' (Oxford University Press, 2013).

Gerry previously worked for Price Waterhouse, Ovum, in HR consultancy, and in academic roles at Royal Holloway, University of London, and King’s College London. He holds a MA in Organizational Analysis and Behaviour from Lancaster University Management School and a PhD in Organizational Behaviour from Imperial College Business School.

Gerry is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Health, with a developing interest in health care organisation and systems in resource-poor countries.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Fitzgerald,l., Ferlie, E., McGivern, G., & Buchanan, D.. "Distributed leadership patterns and service improvement: Evidence and argument from English healthcare"

Leadership Quarterly 24 (2013): 227-239.Ferlie, E. & McGivern, G.. "Bringing Anglo-Governmentality into Public Management Scholarship: The Case of Evidence-based Medicine in UK Health Care"

Journal of Public Administration: Research and Theory Forthcoming (2013)McGivern, G.. "Dealing with Death and Dying"
Journal Of Health Services Research And Policy 18 (2013): 55-56.Ferlie, E., McGivern, G. & Fitzgerald, L.. "A New Mode of Organising in Health Care? UK Cancer Services and Governmentality"

Social Science And Medicine 74 (2012): 340-347.McGivern, G. & Fischer, M.. "Reactivity and Reactions to Regulatory Transparency in Medicine, Psychotherapy and Counselling"

Social Science And Medicine 74 (2012): 286-296.Ferlie, E., Fitzgerald, L., McGivern, G., Dopson, S. & Bennett, C.. "'Public Policy Networks and 'Wicked Problems': A Nascent Solution?"

Public Administration 89 (2011): 304-324.McGivern, G. & Dopson, S.. "Inter-Epistemic Power & Transforming Knowledge Objects in a Biomedical Network"

Organization Studies 31 (2010): 1-20.Gillard, S., Turner, K., Lovell, K., Clark, T., Addicott, R., McGivern, G. & Ferlie, E.. "Staying Native: Co-production in Mental Health Services Research"

International Journal of Public Sector Management 23 (2010): 567-577.Ferlie, E. McGivern, G. & Morales, A.. "Developing a Public Interest School of Management"

British Journal of Management 21 (2010): 60-70.McGivern, G. & Fischer, M.. "Medical Regulation, spectacular transparency & the blame business"

Journal of Health Organisation and Management 26 (2010): 597-610.McGivern, G., Lambrianou, A., Ferlie, E. & Cowie, M.. "Enacting Evidence into Clinical Practice: The Case of Coronary Heart Disease"

Public Money and Management 29 (2009): 307-312.Baeza, J. I., Fitzgerald, L. and McGivern, G.. "Change capacity: the route to service improvement in primary care"

Quality In Primary Care 16 (2008): 401-407.McGivern, G. & Ferlie, E. "Playing Tick-Box Games: Interrelating Defences in Professional Appraisal"

Human Relations 60 (2007): 1361-1385.Addicott, R., McGivern, G. & Ferlie, E.. "The Distortion of Managerial Technique: The Case of UK Cancer Networks."

British Journal of Management 18 (2007): 93-105.Addicott, R. McGivern, G. & Ferlie, E.. "Networks, Organisational Learning and Knowledge Management: The Case of NHS Cancer Networks" Public Money and Management 26 (2006): 87-94.


Ferlie, E., Fitzgerald, L., McGivern, G., Dopson, S. & Bennett, C.. "Making Wicked Problems Governable?: The Case of Managed Networks in Health Care" (2013)

Book Chapters

Fitzgerald, L., Ferlie, E., McGivern, G., Buchanan, D.. "Respond and Deliver? Change Leadership in Complex Organizations." Leadership in the Public Sector (2012)


Gerry McGivern

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