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 European Works Councils and transnational restructuring
[Mark Carley] and Mark Hall

Report for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

Temporary agency work in an enlarged European Union
James Arrowsmith
Report for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

The European Cross-border Dimension to Collective Bargaining in Multinational Companies
James Arrowsmith and Paul Marginson
European Journal of Industrial Relations, 12, 245-266

What happened when the Americans took over Britain's electricity industry? Exploring trans-national sector effects on employment relations
Trevor Colling and [Ian Clark]
International Journal of Human Resource Management, 17, 9, 1625-1644

What Space for Unions on the Floor of Rights? Trade Unions and the Enforcement of Statutory Individual Employment Rights
Trevor Colling
Industrial Law Journal, 35, 140-160

Gender: the missing link in industrial relations research
Ardha Danieli
Industrial Relations Journal, 37, 4, 329 - 343

Employment policy and disabled people: old wine in new glasses?
Ardha Danieli and [Peter Wheeler]
Disability and Society, 21, 5, 485-498

Re-regulation for gender equality: from 'either or' to both
Linda Dickens
Industrial Relations Journal, 37, 299-309

Equality and Work-Life Balance: What’s Happening at the Workplace
Linda Dickens
Industrial Law Journal, 35, 445-449

Fairness – up to a point. Assessing the impact of New Labour's employment legislation
Linda Dickens and Mark Hall
Human Resource Management Journal, 16, 4, 338 - 356

Paul Edwards
Work, Employment and Society, 20, 571-581

Surviving on the Margins of the Economy: Working Relationships in Small, Low-Wage Firms
Paul Edwards and [Monder Ram]
Journal of Management Studies, 43, 4, 895-916

The Bases of Compromise in the Workplace: A Theoretical Framework
Paul Edwards, [Jacques Bélanger] and Martyn Wright
British Journal of Industrial Relations, 44, 1, 125-145

The Structuring of Working Relationships in Small Firms: Towards a Formal Framework
Paul Edwards, [Monder Ram], Sukanya Sen Gupta, and Chin-Ju Tsai
Organization, 13, 701-724

A cool response to the ICE Regulations? Employer and trade union approaches to the new legal framework for information and consultation
Mark Hall
Industrial Relations Journal, 37, 5, 456-472

Ethnic minority business and the employment of illegal immigrants
[Trevor Jones, Monder Ram] and Paul Edwards
Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 18, 2, 133-150

Shades of grey in the informal economy
[Trevor Jones, Monder Ram] and Paul Edwards
International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 26, 9/10, 357-73

The discourse of diversity in unionised contexts: views from trade union equality officers
[Gill Kirton] and Anne-marie Greene
Personnel Review, 34, 431-448

Europeanisation and Regime Competition: Industrial Relations and EU Enlargement
Paul Marginson
Industrielle Beziehungen, 13, 2, 97-117

European Union enlargement and the foreign direct investment channel of industrial relations transfer
Paul Marginson and Guglielmo Meardi
Industrial Relations Journal, 37, 2, 92-110

Multinationals' heaven? Uncovering and understanding worker responses to multinational companies in post-communist Central Europe
Guglielmo Meardi
International Journal of Human Resource Management, 17, 8, 1366-1378

Social Pacts on the Road to EMU: A Comparison of the Italian and Polish Experiences
Guglielmo Meardi
Economic and Industrial Democracy, 27, 2, 197-222

Towards Equality and Renewal: Women’s Groups, Diversity and Democracy in British Unions
Jane Parker 
Economic and Industrial Democracy, 27, 3, 425-462

Trade union women's groups and their effects on union goals and strategies
Jane Parker
Human Resource Management Journal, 16, 4, 411-431

Small is beautiful? The development of women's activism in a small union
[Susan Sayce], Anne-marie Greene and [Peter Ackers]
Industrial Relations Journal, 37, 4, 400-414 

High performance work systems and organizational performance: an empirical study of Taiwan's semiconductor design firms
Chin-Ju Tsai
International Journal of Human Resource Management, 17, 9, 1512-1530