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Temporary agency work in an enlarged European Union

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

This report by James Arrowsmith, commissioned by the sectoral social dialogue committee on temporary agency work, is based on an EIRO comparative study of temporary agency work in the enlarged EU. The questionnaire survey gathered responses across 28 countries – the 25 EU Member States, as well as Norway and the acceding countries Bulgaria and Romania. The report explores a range of topics including the definition and extent of TAW, its regulation in the different countries, both by law and collective agreement, and the views of the social partners on developments in the sector. The findings have been supplemented by further data and detailed comments received from the social partners at both national and confederal levels (Eurociett and UNI-Europa), which were closely involved in the production of both the national and the overview reports from the very outset.

The report can be downloaded from the European Foundation website.