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Implementing information and consultation: early experience under the ICE Regulations
Mark Hall, [Sue Hutchinson], Jane Parker, John Purcell and Mike Terry
Employment Relations Research Series No 88, Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

Workplace Employment Relations in the West Midlands
Duncan Adam and Paul Marginson
Report for the West Midlands Employment Relations Forum’s Steering Group

New structures, forms and processes of governance in European industrial relations
Paul Marginson and [Evelyne Léonard]
Report for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

Submission to DTI review of workplace representatives’ facilities and facility time
Mark Hall, [Susan Hutchinson], Jane Parker, John Purcell and Michael Terry
Note of initial findings from a research project co-sponsored by the DTI, Acas and the CIPD

Justice in the workplace: Why it is important and why a new public policy initiative is needed
Paul Edwards
Report for the Work Foundation

Why is there not more 'annualised hours' working in Britain?
James Arrowsmith
Industrial Relations Journal, 38, 5, 423-38

The Conditions Promoting Compromise in the Workplace
[Jacques Bélanger] and Paul Edwards
British Journal of Industrial Relations, 45, 4, 713-34

21st-century models of employee representation: structures, processes and outcomes
Andy Charlwood and Michael Terry
Industrial Relations Journal
, 38, 4, 320-37

The Road is Long: Thirty Years of Equality Legislation in Britain
Linda Dickens
British Journal of Industrial Relations, 45, 3, 463-94

Performing industrial relations: the centrality of gender in regulation of work in theatre and television
Deborah Dean
Industrial Relations Journal, 38, 252-268

British diversity professionals as change agents – radicals, tempered radicals or liberal reformers?
[Gill Kirton], Anne-Marie Greene and Deborah Dean
International Journal of Human Resource Management
, 18, 1979-1994

More voice after more exit? Unstable industrial relations in Central Eastern Europe
Guglielmo Meardi
Industrial Relations Journal, Vol. 38, 6, 503-523

Restructuring in an enlarged Europe: challenges and experiences
Guglielmo Meardi
Transfer, 13, 253-266

Front-line managers as agents in the HRM-performance casual chain: theory, analysis and evidence
John Purcell and [Sue Hutchison]
Human Resource Management Journal, 17, 1, 3-20

Staying Underground: Informal Work, Small Firms, and Employment Regulation in the United Kingdom
[Monder Ram], Paul Edwards and [Trevor Jones]
Work and Occupations, 34, 318-344

Managed activism: two union organising campaigns in the not-for-profit sector
Melanie Simms
Industrial Relations Journal, Vol 38, 2, 119-135

Interest formation in greenfield union organising campaigns
Melanie Simms
Industrial Relations Journal, Vol 38, 5, 434-545 

The Possibilities and Limits of Telework in a Bureaucratic Environment
[Lauent Taskin] and Paul Edwards
New Technology, Work and Employment, 22, 195-207

When and why is small beautiful? The experience of work in the small firm
Chin-Ju Tsai, Sukanya Sen Gupta  and Paul Edwards
Human Relations, Vol. 60, 12, 1779-1807