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Age, Gender and Performer Employment in Europe
Deborah Dean
Research report for International Federation of Actors (FIA)

No Human Resource is an Island: Gendered, Racialized Access to Work as a Performer
Deborah Dean
Gender, Work & Organization, 15, 2, 161-181

Challenges in European Employment Relations: Employment Regulation, Trade Union Organsiation, Equality, Flexicurity, Training and New Approaches to Pay
Linda Dickens (ed.)
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Generalizing from Workplace Ethnographies
Paul Edwards and [Jacques Bélanger]
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Testing a Framework of the Organization of Small Firms: Fast-growth, High-tech SMEs
[Mark Gilman] and Paul Edwards

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Implementing information and consultation in medium-sized organisations
Mark Hall, [Sue Hutchinson], Jane Parker, John Purcell and Mike Terry
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Implementing information and consultation: early experience under the ICE Regulations - interim update report
Mark Hall, [Sue Hutchinson], Jane Parker, John Purcell and Mike Terry
Employment Relations Occasional Paper, Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, October 2008

Constraints on union organising
[Ed Heery] and Melanie Simms
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Dispute Resolution and the Modernization of the Public Services in Britain: The Case of the Local Government Pay Commission
[Ian Kessler] and Linda Dickens

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Work and Pay in Small Chinese Clothing Firms: A Constrained Negotiated Order  
[Min Li] and Paul Edwards 
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Undermining or reframing collective bargaining? Variable pay in two sectors compared
Paul Marginson, James Arrowsmith and [Molly Gray]
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The Trades Union Congress (TUC) and alliances with social movements
Jane Parker
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The Impact of Enterprise Size on Employment Tribunal Incidence and Outcomes: Evidence from Britain
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Variable pay and collective bargaining: A cross-national comparison of the banking sector
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Performance pay and collective bargaining: a complex relationship
Paul Marginson 
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