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Employee Representation and Consultative Voice in Multinational Companies Operating in Britain

Paul Marginson, Paul Edwards, [Tony Edwards, Anthony Ferner and Olga Tregaskis]
British Journal of Industrial Relations48, 1, 151-180


Multinational companies (MNCs) from different countries of origin are widely held to have distinct preferences regarding the presence of employee representative structures and the form that employee 'voice' over management decisions takes. Such preferences are said to derive from the national models that prevail in the different countries of origin in which MNCs are based. Findings from a large-scale survey of the UK operations of MNCs indicate that country-of-origin influences on patterns of employee representation and emphasis on direct or indirect channels of employee 'voice' are attenuated by other factors, notably sector and method of growth. They also reveal significant recent innovation in representation and voice arrangements by this key group of employers.