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Flexicurity Meets State Traditions
Guglielmo Meardi
International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations, 27, 3, 255-70

Labour Mobility, Union Immobility? Trade Unions & Migration in the EU
Guglielmo Meardi in M. Nowak and M. Nowosielski (eds)
(Post)transformational Migration, Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 77-97

 Die Bestimmungsgründe der (Re-)Sektoralisierung der industriellen Beziehungen in der Europäischen Union
(The Determinants of (Re-)Sectoralization of Industrial Relations in the European Union)
[Barbara Bechter, Bernd Brandl] and Guglielmo Meardi
Industrielle Beziehungen, 18, 3, 143-66

Reconceptualising employee silence: problems and prognosis
Jimmy Donaghey, [Niall Cullinane, Tony Dundon, and Adrian Wilkinson]
Work, Employment and Society 25,1, 51-67

Non-union representation, union avoidance and the managerial agenda: a case study
Jimmy Donaghey, [Niall Cullinane, Tony Dundon and Anthony Dobbins]
Economic and Industrial Democracy (online first)

The Value of Investigating Stakeholder Involvement in Diversity Management
Anne-marie Greene and [Gill Kirton] in S Groschl (ed.)
Diversity in the Workplace: Multi-disciplinary and International Perspectives, Gower: Farnham, 119-132

Il lato B della precarieta (The 'B' side of precarity)
Manuela Galetto, [Chiara Lasala, Sveva Magaraggia, Chiara Martucci, Elisabetta Onori and Francesca Pozzi ] Sconvegno Group in L Fantone (ed)
Genere e Precarieta' (Gender and Precarity) Padova: ScriptaWeb, 47-53.

Collective bargaining in a time of crisis
[Vera Glassner, Maarten Keune] and Paul Marginson
Transfer 17, 3, 303-21

 ‘Physics Envy’, Cognitive Legitimacy or Practical Relevance: Dilemmas in the Evolution of Management Research in the UK
[Howard Thomas] and Alexander Wilson
British Journal of Management, 22, 3, 443-456

Diversity management meets downsizing: the case of a government department
Anne-marie Greene and [Gill Kirton]
Employee Relations, 33, 1, 22-39

Seizing an Opportunity? Union Organizing Campaigns in Britain, 1998-2000
[Edmund Heery] and Melanie Simms
Labor History, 52, 1, 23-47

Beyond the Enterprise: Broadening the Horizons of International HRM
[Rick Delbridge, Marco Hauptmeier] and Sukanya Sengupta
Human Relations, 64, 4, 483-505

Ask not what HRM can do for performance but what HRM has done to Performance
Sukanya Sengupta and [Keith Whitfield] in P Blyton, E Heery and P Turnbull (eds)
Reassessing Employment Relations, London: Sage, 97-121

Socio-cultural and Institutional Context
[P Budhwar, A Varma] and S Sengupta in P. Budhwar and A. Varma (eds)
Doing Business in India, London: Routledge, 46-60

Variable pay and collective bargaining in British retail banking
[Jim Arrowsmith] and Paul Marginson
British Journal of Industrial Relations, 49, 1, 54-79

HRM structures and subsidiary discretion in foreign multinationals in the UK
[Anthony Ferner, Olga Tregaskis, Paul Edwards, Tony Edwards] and Paul Marginson
International Journal of Human Resource Management, 22, 3, 483-509