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Young workers and the impact of the crisis

Melanie Simms has opened up new research during 2010 which is examining the effects of the fiscal and economic crises on young workers in the UK and beyond. This is a major area of policy concern in the light of EU-wide data indicating that young workers are being particularly badly affected by the impact of the crisis in the labour market. Unemployment rates amongst young people are double those for older age cohorts, and those in employment are far more likely to be in positions that are precarious. The effects of precarious employment are particularly invidious on young workers as negative early experiences of transitions into work are more likely to be associated with an ongoing reduction in life chances. A comparative report is currently being produced for the European Industrial Relations Observatory summarising the scale and scope of the effects on young workers and the responses of governments and the social partners to helping them. Further, with colleagues at Coventry University and the University of Manchester, Simms secured ESRC funding to run a series of 4 seminars over the next 2 years looking in detail at the interactions between young workers and precarious work. Details can be found here