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The Business Case for the Employment of Disabled People

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The Business Case for the Employment of Disabled People

A two year research project which was funded by the European Social Fund under HE ESF Objective 3: Equal Opportunities in the Labour Market
Principal Researcher: Dr Ardha Danieli

The research project aims to:

  • establish the extent of the employment of disabled people over recent years and currently within one private and one public sector organisation and thepositions occupied by disabled employees.
  • examine any differences in perceptions amongst different stakeholders on the desirability and possibility of implementing the business case for disabledpeople at organisational level.
  • identify any perceptual, structural and procedural barriers to the implementation of the business case
  • make recommendations for overcoming any barriers in order to help increase the proportion of disabled people in employment.

Research Methodology

The project adopted a participatory methodology in order to provide findings which can be used by the various stakeholders within the two participating organisations and other interested parties. A full description of the project can be downloaded here

A summary report of the project findings can be downloaded here