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EU governance in the social policy field

As part of the GUSTO research project on the evolution of EU-level governance in social policy, Aristea Koukiadaki is contributing an analysis of the impact of the inclusion of social services within the overarching framework of EU competition and economic freedoms on the nature of such services in the UK. In this context, three categories are of special interest since they are susceptible to be taken out of the scope of market competition for services, by invoking specific provisions of the EU’s 2006 Services Directive. The three are: social housing, childcare and support of families and persons permanently or temporarily in need (possibly including employment and social inclusion services). A paper is being prepared that critically evaluates the impact of EU ‘governance’ upon the situation in the UK in terms of uncertainty, risk and security. As part of the same project Paul Marginson is collaborating with Maarten Keune (University of Amsterdam) on an analysis of the governance issues arising from the negotiation and application of framework agreements concluded by European employers and trade unions under provisions of the EU Treaty.